MLB proposed cuts and what that means for the New York Yankees

Tuesday afternoon the MLB delivered its salary reduction proposal to the MLB Players Association. It wasn’t the rumored 50-50 revenue split plan. Instead, MLB proposed a sliding scale in which the highest-paid players receive a larger pay cut than players making the league minimum. I know during a time where a large portion of the population is unemployed, it’s the last thing you want to see. Billionaires and millionaire fighting about wages but it’s a reality we have to face if we want sports back as bad as we’ve been preaching. Some people think this season may happen but others aren’t as optimistic. A very real outcome could be; the 2020 season cancelled, 2021 owners lockout and culminate with a 2022 strike. For now we focus on this year and what the cuts will look like for the NYY;

Cole from $36M to $8M
Stanton from $26M to $6M
Tanaka from $23M to $5.5M
Happ from $17M to $4.5M
Chapman from $16M to $4.25M
Britton from $13M to $3.5M
Paxton from $12.5M to $3.5M
LeMahieu from $12M to $3.4M

Hicks from $10.7M to $3M
Severino from $10.5M to $3M
Gardner from $10M to $2.95M
Ottavino $8.8M to $2.7M
Judge $8.5M to $2.5M
Sanchez from $5M to $1.64M

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