TikTok Tuesday On Wednesday

Hey everyone! Drew, On His Tabs intern here with some exciting news. I will be taking over TikTok Tuesday’s from here on out, bringing you my picks for the funniest, most creative, heartwarming, basically overall best TikToks out there each week. Without further ado lets jump into them!

mrs.space.cadet honestly might be by favorite person on the app if you don’t follow her definitely drop a follow. She makes me almost want to start running….almost
As someone who has worked in retail for years this just hurts my soul.
I would 10000000% die for Kevin
I don’t think I need to explain this one.
This is why you never put your dicks in your carry on always gotta check those.
This man’s page is literally just him putting rubber bands on things until they explode and they never disappoint.
You better believe night one of the bars being open I will be eating like five of these at 3am.
Once again I would literally die for Winchester.

1st through 5th grade question with Arielle gotta watch 😂😂😂

♬ original sound – Chevy2funnyy
Arielle do be getting these questions right.
Chicken Tendies solve all my problems too this just hits close to home.

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