All The Details You Need About The MLS is Back Tournament

June 24: Teams begin arriving in Florida 
July 8: MLS is Back Tournament group stage begins
July 25-28: Round-of-16
July 30- Aug. 1: Quarterfinals
August 5-6: Semifinals
August 11: MLS is Back Tournament Final

MLS IS BACK TOURNAMENT – July 8 – August 11
Number of Matches: 54 (39 group; 15 knockout)
No. of matchdays: 26
Format: Group Stage, followed by Round-of-16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Championship match
Minimum Matches: Three (per club)
Maximum Matches: Seven (per club)

Some more good news coming from the sports world today. The MLS has officially announced their plan-to-play. The MLS is Back Tournament will start on July 8th and run through August 11th. All of the key dates are detailed above and you can find more details on group draw, points system here. According to the MLS website “the Clubs will begin arriving in Orlando as early as June 24 for preseason training. Clubs that can conduct full team training in their markets pursuant to the league’s medical and testing protocols must arrive no later than seven days before their first match.”

The official odds have not been released yet but I think I will be placing action on Toronto FC to win it all this year. Let us know who you think is going to bring the cup home this year in the comments.

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