NY Covid-19 Sex Guide

The glory hole makes its triumphant return should’ve been the title of this blog. Are emotional walls not good enough? Is masked sex going to become a thing now? These are all questions that the people of New York are asking themselves today. Before I get in too deep (badum tss) I just want to throw it out there that we do NOT kink shame on this website. We support safe and consensual sex! We had to address this document the N.Y government put out.

I don’t know about you but I did not know you could cum covid-19 or poop it out. Who do you think was the doctor that asked a guy to fill a small tube of semen was?

Dr. Sins of course! The poop must have been Dr. Doofenshmirtz but like I said earlier, we do NOT kink shame. The document goes on to tell us that their is no way to know if it spreads through sex but to only have sex with the people close to you. YOU! You are your safest sex partner. Tired of the same old though? Here’s a list of updated sex positions for 1;

Long story short, build the wall and you will come. Glory holes are back! Make sure to buy tons of stock in Home Depot today before they start to sky rocket.

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