Sarah Cameron And John B. Are Dating IRL And My Heart Exploded

Man oh man, what a bomb to drop on a beautiful June evening. From both of their instagrams if you have a pulse, you knew they had been hanging out A LOT. That doesn’t necessarily mean much in the peasant world but when you’re famous, you might as well announce you’re dating. As a warning this is the softest thing I’ve ever written and there is no competition but with that being said I fucking loved Outer Banks and can’t wait until season 2.

It’s a sad day for the army of people that simped hard for Sarah but cut them some slack because how could you not?

Beautiful people date beautiful people. John B is easy on the eyes as well.

To be completely honest, I am okay with this. Not that they need my approval but I think they both genuinely like each other. As a hopeless romantic, I am solely basing that on the fact I believe in all the corny love theories. If this ruins season 2, I will also take this opportunity to be the next John B*.

Netflix, My DM’s will be open.

*If Sarah is still played by Madelyn Cline

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