Horniest Man Alive Ranks Top 370 Adult Film Actresses But I Will 1-Up Him And Rank 400

If you clicked this with the intent of seeing me rank 400 porn stars then you need help. Seriously, seek help. If you’re not on Twitter and clicked on this simply because you thought I was crazy, check out the guy below.

The list obviously goes on and on but ranking 370 people (no matter what they do) has to be a difficult task. As a guy that maybe has watched one or two (at most) adult films I can say this person may have issues beyond repair and he can admit it.

For most people this will be a tweet they bookmark and do further research on. For others this will haunt them and they will rearrange rankings until they are personally content with where their favorite actress stands. For me, it will be a meme that I will consistently check because the the replies are a riot.

P.S. I don’t even know 370 people, how the fuck does this guy know 370 names of porn stars? I’m baffled but respect it.

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