Where Do Guys Find Toxic Girls Like These? Leave Them Where You Found Them Next Time!

I have no idea what the backstory is here and I don’t really care for it either. This is just a fucking CRAZY move. Someone needs to lock this girl up in solitary because not only is she a danger to everyone around her but also to herself. I can’t even begin to tell you how many videos i’ve seen of both guys and girls smashing windows after they got cheated on. I get it, you’re angry and not thinking rationally but holy fuck do all of you need to start leaving these toxic people where you found them.

Stop trying to mend hearts and be a good person. That just get your windows smashed and tires popped. If you act like this and are proud of it, you have mental issues that need to get checked out. Stop being proud of being a psycho and get some help you nut.

Fuck em’ kids.

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