Masked Singer Season 4 Recap (Spoilers)

Ladies and Gentlemen the best show ever is back. If you do not watch it you 1000% should. If you have no idea what it is let me catch you up… So basically various celebrities dress in outrageous costumes, give out clues and sing. Those that are watching and the judges try and guess who the celebrity it is. The worst performer has to be unmasked live and show who they really are. As a HUGE fan of this show, I am wicked excited it is back and cracked a few seltzers to celebrate.

Episode one started out with a BANG. Let me tell you, the sun has pipes. She left everything on the floor. Out of every episode of this show this was my favorite performance and I hope she takes it all the way. After her performance everyone else was hyped up and brought their A game. If the rest of the season looks like episode 1 we are in for a treat. Here are my initial thoughts on who we (Brian + I) think everyone is;

The Sun

So, the sun was the best performance of the night feel free to argue but you are wrong. She hit every note and sang her damn heart out. My first guess just listening to her sing was it has to be Christina Aguilera. Brian also agreed (not sure if he is agreeing because I said it or if he actually knows what she sounds like)

The Giraffe

I am going to be honest here. I have absolutely no idea who this is. He mentioned that his career was a roller coaster and music was in his blood. Honestly, I went with what the people of twitter were saying. So I went with Vanilla Ice. Brian on the other hand went with Lin Manuel.


So this performance was also amazing. Clues were not so helpful. Basically from the voice I guessed it was Tina Turner. Brian was also stumped on this one and his vote is “I have no fucking idea”.


The dragon talked about how he is used to dressing in outrageous costumes and there were signs of dog bones. While he was singing all I could think about was the song “let me clear my throat” so my guess was DJ Kool. Brian guessed DMX which was also a guess by the judges and made sense with some of the clues.

The Snow Owls

For the first time on the show there is a duet. These two hinted at a family reunion, Christmas and they are jokesters. My guess was Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks. Idk why it sounds good. Brian has no idea who this could be.

The Big Reveal

The person with the least amount of votes for the show was the dragon. I was sad to see the dragon go because of how fun the performance was. After unmasking himself we learned that it was Busta Rhymes!

Make sure you check on his tab each week for a recap on the latest episode of the masked singer!

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