MLB Playoff Brackets

Ladies and gentleman, or whatever you go by, PLAYOFFS ARE HERE!

Our first matchup will be between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Washington Nationals. The Nationals are the favorite in this one, and who can blame them? Milwaukee was extremely hot before losing 3 straight to Colorado to end the season. I think Washington is the better team, especially with Yelich out. I expect Washington to take this one to advance onto the NLDS against LA.

The Rays and A’s are the next matchup. The A’s are my pick to take this one and move on to the next round. I think Tampa has a great squad this year, but Oakland has a lot of talent offensively that I think is going to overwhelm the Rays, 8 of their players hit 20+ home runs this year, and they haven’t even relied on Kris Davis to get the damage done. Expect that team to be very competitive against Houston (still think Houston would win).

Next, we’ve got St. Louis and Atlanta. Both teams have some great young talent, but I think Atlanta has the slight edge over St. Louis. Home-field advantage will certainly help them as well. Yes, the Braves have Acuna, who is an unbelievable talent. DO NOT sleep on the veteran’s, those being Freddie Freeman and Josh Donaldson. They actually have a higher OPS than Acuna this season. Donaldson also had the highest WAR on the team at 6.1.

Last, we’ve got the Twins and the Yankees. As I stated in one of my previous blogs, I think both teams are very talented, but the Yankees will prevail. If you want more deets, read the effing blogs people. Signing off, please watch semi-responsibly.

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