Rapper 6ix9ine Live On Instagram And Releasing A New Song Today

Most of you know the deal but for those who don’t 6ix9ine is back out in the real world after serving a short term in prison. According to Wikipedia, “6ix9ine was denied bail, and he initially pleaded not guilty to all charges. He later changed his plea to guilty after agreeing to a deal with law enforcement on February 1, 2019. The guilty plea resulted in 6ix9ine admitting his guilt and testifying against his co-defendants, as well as full co-operation and an insistence to commit no further crimes, in exchange for reduced prison time; on December 18, 2019, 6ix9ine was sentenced to two years in prison, avoiding a potential minimum sentence of 47 years. In April, a federal judge in Manhattan ordered early release from his two-year sentence because his asthma makes him particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.”

Let me start off by saying fuck this guy not only because he’s a P.O.S human but because his music sucks. He’s going live today on Instagram but it’s not a 6ix9ine live if he doesn’t stir some drama. Earlier today, Meek Mill posted this;

Meek Mill has a right to be upset and call him out like this but 6ix9ine had this to say in response;

I’m not sure what drama his live will bring today but i’m not listening to another one of his trash songs. He’s nothing but a troll and unless if he gets jumped on live, this will be the last time he’s mentioned here.

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